The constant changes and developments in legislation which affect the workplace provides a very daunting and potentially expensive prospect for most employers.

At Terry Jones Solicitors, we provide practical and cost effective guidance to assist you through the minefield of employment legislation.

We aim to provide you with solutions so as to prevent potential difficulties in the first place. We will happily work with you so as to minimise potential claims being made against you and in the event of your facing a claim, we will arrange for you to be represented in a Tribunal setting if this proves necessary.

Through our expertise and that of Counsel, we can assist by:

  • Ensuring that your Employees have up-to-date Contracts of Employment.
  • By carrying out annual reviews of Contract/Employment documentation.
  • Providing practical advice and direction to your HR Department by providing updates and if necessary workshops in relation to practical problem solutions.
  • Review and update your staff handbooks and ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are in place.

Additionally, we can deal with all the documentation and legal representation which is needed in dealing with Tribunal proceedings and provide such help and guidance as may be required in terms of minimising claims. We are able to provide our services on a retainer basis and be available to deal with any queries that may arise in the workplace.

Terry Jones Solicitors is part of the Metamorph Group of companies whose sister company, Linder Myers Solicitors, offers businesses bespoke HR and employment law support, through its Employ-line service.

Employ-line is a solution that supports existing HR managers and business owners in dealing with legal matters. The service operates as an affordable monthly fixed fee and is specifically tailored to meet your needs, ensuring you comply with complex employment legislation and have peace of mind that you are following the correct employment procedures when dealing with your staff. When you become a client of Employ-line, we will amend or draft tailored staff handbooks, policies and  employment contracts. You will also be given unlimited access to a qualified solicitor who will be available to give you any guidance or advice you require.

If you would like more information regarding Employ-line please contact us.

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