Elf Day for the Alzheimer’s Society Charity

Dementia is something that we all hope we will never face but many of us have loved ones who are suffering.

Today is the Alzheimer’s Society charity Elf Day and staff at all our offices have participated by dressing as Elves raising money for the charity. 

The Alzheimer’s Society charity is very close to the heart of Danielle Davies who is a conveyancing paralegal at Abbey House. Danielle commented “I am really pleased that so many of my colleagues at all our offices have participated in Elf Day today. We are hoping to raise as much money as we can for the Alzheimer’s Society by dressing as Elves and spreading festive cheer around the office”.

The Alzheimer’s Society website advises:

“We all forget a name or a face sometimes. Especially as we get older. But dementia is something different. Memory problems are one of a number of symptoms that people with dementia may experience. Others include difficulties with planning, thinking things through, struggling to keep up with a conversation, and sometimes changes in mood or behaviour. If you’re worried about your memory, or about someone else, the first thing to do is make an appointment with the GP.”