Freedom for All – Domestic Violence, Divorce and Pets

Relationship breakdown can happen for a number of different reasons; unfortunately, sometimes the reason is domestic abuse.

Paralegal Gaynor Aston who specialises in Family law comments "Clients often approach me to discuss their options and to seek advice on how best to protect themselves, their children and their assets. However, in cases of domestic violence or abuse, I am often asked the question “how do I ensure the safety of my pet?”

Understandably, many pet owners choose to remain in an abusive environment because of their concern for the safety of their pet. While domestic violence support services offer a safe refuge for adults and children, they are sadly unable to offer the same safe haven for pets.

However, there are many pet charities and organisations both willing, and able, to assist in these circumstances, allowing each party to seek their own safe environment without guilt.

“The Dogs Trust celebrated the 15th Anniversary of their “Freedom Project” last year, which offers a free and confidential fostering service to pets whose owners are escaping domestic abuse.”

Gaynor added, “The Trust will quickly find a suitable foster family for your pet to stay with for as long as you need, and regularly update you as to how your pet is getting on whilst you are separated. When you feel ready to be safely reunited, your pet will return to your care.”

If you’re concerned about your safety or that of your family or your pet, or you would like some further advice on separation or divorce, please contact Gaynor on 01952 297979 or email

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