Collaborative Family Law

The collaborative process is appropriate for couples who genuinely want to seek a fair solution and want to minimise the pain of family breakdown.

Rather than dealing through solicitors, you work with the solicitors to reach the best solution for you and your family. You still benefit from having your own independent legal advisor but you are in control, without the threat of court proceedings hanging over you.

We are also able to offer advice and assistance in issues relating to children.  Please refer to the specific page for further information.

Sue Fitzmaurice is a trained Collaborative lawyer who can help provide a different approach to resolving family disputes.

Collaborative family law is growing and there are now several trained lawyers in Shropshire.  People who decide to use the collaborative process are much more involved and in control since it is tailor-made by them to meet their specific aims and needs.  Mutual respect and consideration are maintained, benefiting the children through co-operative joint parenting.  Court proceedings are avoided altogether.  Costs are approximately half that of formal financial proceedings.  The pain of resolving family breakdown is minimised.

As collaborative lawyers, we consider with all clients whether the collaborative approach might be suitable for them. However, if one party contacts a non-collaboratively trained lawyer then the process is closed off to the couple.  They may never know that it was an option.

The collaborative process, like mediation, is available for couples to negotiate to resolve relationship breakdown directly but with the support of their respective lawyers also in attendance.  The parties sign an agreement at the outset not to go to Court and that includes the solicitors.  There is very little correspondence.  All issues are dealt with in face to face meetings.  Once an agreement is reached the lawyers can prepare the consent order so that the agreement is legally binding and this is filed in the Court.  There is no need to attend Court at all.

If no agreement is reached then new lawyers must be instructed.  This is because the meetings have all been open and transparent. It also demonstrates the commitment of the lawyers to help the parties to reach a fair solution that suits everyone.  Collaborative lawyers help the parties to adopt a constructive non-confrontational negotiated approach.

We can also assist with family and divorce matters, domestic violence and children and child care issues.

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